For 90 years together with you.
Passion and quality, always.

The company is rooted in the work of Angelo Garonzi, in 1925, when he made wheels for wooden wagons in his workshop. He then began to devote himself to the creation of fine and fi nished furniture and in fi xed.

Not just a team,
but also a family.

Angelo’s passion and experience have become a precious legacy for his son Daniele, who continues to produce exclusive and elegant furnishings. Legacy consolidated by the creative contribution of Chiara and Fabio, sons of Daniele.

Contract Division
Hotel, Wine Bar & Restaurant.

Garonzi deals with complete realizations of furnishings and finishes based on its know-how consolidated over the years. Each project is studied ad hoc, guaranteeing exclusivity and excellence in design and in its executive development.

Home Division,
Your precious atmosphere.

There is no better place than your own home; for this reason, for Garonzi, the project starts with the customer: based on the indications, the creative team studies the best solution that combines needs with functionality and design, for a unique and personal environment.

Arredamenti GARONZI S.r.l.
Via E. De Betta, 4/A
37131 Verona (VR) Italy

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